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Air-conditioning – Design and Installation

Most of our systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. We can supply and install a bespoke system that will meet your needs and give years of trouble free service, especially when you take advantage of our Service and Maintenance Plans.
We see ourselves as integral members for each customers business and they can rely on us for our specialist knowledge and experience. Our aim is to build long-term relationships with our customers, providing technical expertise at value for money prices.
Air-conditioning systems have developed considerably and their capability is broader than most people are aware. Not only do they control the temperature of a room or space, but can also control the humidity, CO2, fresh air supply and stale air removal, meaning that people can feel comfortable, fresh and healthy.

Find out for yourself how an air-conditioning system will improve efficiency and save costs – just call 01424 812263

How the service works:

  • A site survey to discuss your requirements
  • Report with our solution and quotation
  • Program of works to fit within your working practises
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Customer handover
  • Regular servicing and preventative maintenance agreement

The benefits of Air-conditioning

Air conditioning systems create a comfortable environment all year round. The integral heat pumps transfer heat in an intelligent manner, so the heat recovered by the air conditioning isn’t released into the atmosphere and wasted. Our air conditioning systems can remove the heat from the air and recover it for use in heating another part of the building, or to provide hot water.

Air conditioning does more than just cool the air. It carefully balances the temperature, the humidity and the freshness of the air and can even remove irritants, dust and potentially harmful agents to give you the perfect level of comfort.

The new air conditioning products we use have zero ozone depleting potential.

We can install systems for all types of buildings including: small retail outlets, commercial buildings both large and small, hospitals and schools.

Using the latest technology has made the systems we install more efficient and environmentally friendly – there are numerous reasons why it makes sense to replace old systems.

The latest systems can upgrade free energy from a range of natural sources including air, ground and water.

How Air-conditioning works

Air Conditioning systems use heat pumps to provide heating, cooling and hot water if required. They only need a small amount of electricity to gather, upgrade and move the heat from one place to another.

To achieve his a vapour compression cycle is used, which moves heat from one space to another. Low temperature from the environment can be increased to usable temperatures inside a building during the winter, or waste heat from a building can be moved outside in the summer, or recovered to hot water.

The latest systems can upgrade free energy from a range of natural sources including air, ground and water. It is possible to recover energy within a building, moving heat from areas that it’s not required to where it can be more useful, such as another room, to generate hot water, or over retail doorways.

Air conditioning systems can be combined with heating and ventilation systems, air curtains, refrigeration units and hot water supplies to create a fully integrated solution for optimum energy efficiency.

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